Jay-z – American Gangster, the album

I saw last night that Jay is going to release a new album and I really didn’t know how to feel. I have to say my excitement was way more subdued than it was last year when I heard about Kingdom Come. But then again, its hard to get excited when you haven’t heard any music. I think, my excitement will waver on how “Blue Magic” turns out which is supposedly produced by Pharrell. I remember the last Pharrell lead single for Jay-z, “Change Clothes” which was good but not the best song on the Black Album. I think its either going to be a very big hit or a rather large miss looking at past history (remember “Give it to me”, very big hit).  Either way, it doesn’t really matter because its Jay-z and I’ll probably buy the album anyway.

Ill tell you more about the album. Its titled American Gangster which is also the title of one of the few movies that I am actually looking forward to seeing this year. The Ridley Scott movie features Denzel Washington, T.I., The RZA, Russell Crowe and Common. Denzel Washington portrays 70’s Harlem kingpin Frank Lucas in the movie and the story is that Jay-z saw a screening of the movie and was inspired to create an album based on the movie’s theme.

Simply put, I’ll be checking my google reader more than usual tonight to get “Blue Magic.”