Patriot Games

I am really disappointed in the recent allegations levied against the Patriots accusing them of cheating by video taping defensive signals. I understand that teams in the NFL must always find a way to develop a competitive advantage but this advantage is really egregious in nature.

The ability to anticipate a defense’s blitzes and packages almost puts the offense to an advantage that is unheard of. The game turns into the ability of the offense to execute and the play calling of the defense almost becomes a non factor. Now, I will admit at this point that I am probably exaggerating a little bit at this point but I’m just a tad bit ticked off by the turn of these events especially since the Patriots scored 17 second half points against the Eagles in the Super Bowl. This article is more a rant than actual analysis of the advantages accorded to the Patriots.

The question now comes up.. How Much is Tom Brady’s legacy going to be linked to this? I have answer. I dont think it really matters at all. As much as I don’t like Tom Brady, it would be almost hateful to sit here and say that he is not talented.  His ability to find the open man and his decision making is amazing. Did he really need his team to give him this advantage?

We are going to find out in the next few days the punishment that will be given the Patriots. We will also find out in the next few months, if this team is really as good as they look on paper and how of an impact this advantage had on them. In the meantime, I will continue to tell myself that 2004 Philadelphia Eagles are way better than the 2004 New England Patriots.