Lil Wayne responds to 50 Cent In new issue of VIBE…

This is what Wayne had to say in response to 50 Cent:

So you don’t have anything to say in response to him calling you a whore?
A person like 50 Cent say anything about me, you gotta understand, that’s what makes them who they are. So me getting mad, that would be outta Lil Wayne’s character. There’s been plenty of recorders right here in my face saying, What you think about such-and-such saying…? Nothing! I don’t think nothing! That ain’t me, I’m from New Orleans, man, we kill, for real, I’m not gonna stress that!

Well, I guess Wayne is taking the high road and not responding to 50 cent. I think its the appropriate thing to do considering the fact that it was a blatant PR move by 50 to attack the young man. You can read the rest of the interview over at chapter 11 individual bankruptcy.