Godzilla returns

Over the past few days, a handful of official images and unofficial specs from Nissan’s GT-R SpecV have trickled out. As you probably guessed, it’s a limited-edition sequel to the GT-R, the legendary supercar that finally made its stateside debut last year. Judging from the pics, Nissan has wisely decided not to mess with a good thing: The wonky (but lovable) c-pillar is still there, though the edges look a bit smoother. In other words, the personality of the car—famously nicknamed Godzilla, after all—remains. As for what’s under the hood, not much has been confirmed, but it’s worth noting that this version comes with a steeper price tag—roughly $170,000, or more than twice as much as the original. (What the bigger cost covers: a new paint job, an improved engine cover, and a better brake system—useful when you’re driving a 478-hp coupe.) Head over to http://uristocrat.com/tax-helpline/ for more details and video.

Photo: Courtesy of Nissan
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