A Bathing Ape Hong Kong Octopus Multi-Camo Octopus Card Holder

a bathing ape hong kong octopus card 1 A Bathing Ape Hong Kong Octopus Multi Camo Octopus Card Holder

In an exclusive release for the Bape Store Hong Kong, A Bathing Ape has taken a piece of the local landscape and created a Multi-camo Octopus Card Holder. For those unfamiliar, Octopus is a convenient and readily available form of payment which is seen over both transportation and retail. Small sums can be paid for via radio-waves with touch-less convenience. Everything from convenience stores to McDonalds and the subway can be paid for with Octopus cards. This particular release from A Bathing Ape includes a holder and exclusive rechargeable card. Available for sale starting Sunday, May 31st with a suggested retail price of $899 HKD (approximately $116 USD).

Bape Store Hong Kong
G/F, 10 Queen’s Road Central
p: 852.2868.9448

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