Daisuke Sakaguchi Jewelery

daisuke sakaguchi jewelry 1 Daisuke Sakaguchi Jewelery

With a strong resume and list of high-profile clients in his portfolio, jeweler Daisuke Sakaguchi has become a bright star on London’s jewelery scene. From a philosophy that agrees full-heatedly with the concept of identity, this coupled with a background from the Central Saint Martins College makes for a strong equation. From bespoke pieces for the likes of Kelis, the Beckham Family and Elton John to other pairings with Nike, oki-ni, adidas and Dr. Martens among others, Daisuke’s collection combines both abstract shapes of geometric and flowing form to create a bold end result. With the ability to work seamlessly between a number of different facets of fashion, look for more from Daisuke Sakaguchi in the future.

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