DC LIFE Collection ?High Life on the Rivera? Dress Sneaker & Volcano

dc life shoes high rivera dress volcano 1 DC LIFE Collection High Life on the Rivera Dress Sneaker & Volcano

The DC LIFE Collection is previewed once again with two new upcoming styles involving the Dress Sneaker and Volcano. The arguably more refined DC LIFE Collection and the “High Life on the Rivera” theme takes on a boating theme with a number of color juxtapositions. Check out the press release below.

Day after day after day it’s always go, go, go. From doing work in the streets all day to hitting things hard at night, life’s a grind. But here’s the thing: all go and no slow is a terrible thing. With life whizzing by, on occasion it’s very necessary to pump the brakes and savoir the finer things … Enjoy the high life.

For the Summer 2009 DC LIFE Collection we’ve done just that: taken a moment to breathe. Finding inspiration on a different deck—a boat’s—we’ve played with the hot and cold clashes of summertime months cruising on the water. Blazing summer sun versus icy blue waters. Warm boat deck wood grains versus cool metallic rails and steps. Hot colors versus breezy cool outs. Frosty gelato versus the heat that makes it melt way too fast. Cruising topside and through the harbor is just one of the many ways one can live life right, and a casual approach to creating Summer 2009 DC LIFE Collection. Enjoy.

Chill out —enjoy the breeze and the pleasures of summer. The elements rush in with the breathable perforated leather upper of the Dress Sneaker and the cool blue nautical cotton twill of the Dress Sneaker DSTX and the Volcano DSTX.

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