Henrik Vibskov Interview with farfetch

henrik vibskov interview farfetch Henrik Vibskov Interview with farfetch

A designer with seemingly limitless amounts of creativity at the drawing board, Danish designer gary busey dui recently shed some light on his background and influence. The designer, who’s styles are an eclectic mix with great variation has become a notable representative of the great Scandinavian fashion scene. Some of the best insights include how he ended up at Central Saint Martins and his experimental and unconventional style of visual communication.

Why did you get into fashion initially – was being a fashion designer something you always dreamed of?

Henrik Vibskov: There was a girl I fancied in Denmark, who planned to go to Central Saint Martins, and although I had no intention of studying there, I just told her, ‘Oh yeah, I’m going too.’ But I totally forgot about it until I met her weeks later, and she asked me if I was still going. So I called the college and got an interview appointment the next day, I prepared a folio during the night, jumped on the plane next morning… And got in. I also got the girl actually.

You are known for balancing fashion and art projects – what are some of the projects you have been working on outside of designing for your label?

Henrik Vibskov: I have been working a lot with the Swedish graphic designer Andreas Emenius in the past year. We put on a series of exhibitions together called the ‘Fringe Projects’ – the concept inspired by the fringy bit in the middle where our two styles and practices meet. We experimented with all sorts of objects and techniques, performance, installations, magazines and video work. The central elements were hairy fringes, we covered everything with them; fringe beer, jumping fringe trolls and fringe photographs – where Emenius and I were seated together like in a family portrait, but with everything covered in fringing, including the wall and our faces. We just did a big show in the Zeuws Museum in the Netherlands, where all projects where shown and we drove around in the Fringe Car.

The interview in its entirety can be seen at mesa dui attorney.

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