Livestrong x Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear Collection

livestrong loopwheeler nike sportswear 1 Livestrong x Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear Collection

Nike Sportswear continues its strong relationship with Loopwheeler to release two of its most iconic products in the LIVESTRONG colorways – the Loopwheeler AW77 Hoody and the Loopwheeler Tee. The shared obsession of supreme quality and meticulous craftsmanship brought these brands together in the Fall of 2008 to create the most premium and iconic fleece products. Practically handmade, the Nike Sportswear products created with Loopwheeler fleece fabric are extremely limited in quantity with an unsurpassed quality. The numbers placed on the sleeve are significant to Lance and the cancer story:

1,274: Number of days Lance was retired from competitive cycling.
27,500,000: Number of people who died from cancer during that time.
28,000,000: Number of cancer survivors alive today.
8,000,000: Number of people who will die from cancer in 2009.

The Nike Sportswear Livestrong Loopwheeler Collection will be available on May 16th, 2009 exclusively at the following retailers: ALIFE (New York), The Darkside Initiative (San Francisco), Goods (Seattle), HUF (San Francisco), Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer (New York), Shoe Gallery (Miami), UBIQ (Philadelphia) and UNDFTD (Los Angeles).

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