Vans Forty-Four Hi – Ripstop / Grey

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The Forty-Four Hi was designed as an innovative cupsole with a slimmer profile and high-end style and performance. To add to the drama, we invited 2 brands and a couple of our retail partners from each coast to design customized versions of the style for a battle of national design supremacy. You be the judge! The West Coast includes a co-branded design with red hot streetwear brand Crooks & Castles, as well as a mystery shop guest design.

The East Coast brings the heat with a co-branded design from NYC’s infamous skate crew 5BORO, as well as another mystery shop guest design. Add to the drama a European color-up from Danny Wainwright to challenge for the global title. All rules are suspended and all bets are off – this shoe is HEAT. West coast designs are exclusive to the western retailers only and East Coast designs are exclusive to the eastern retailers. Danny’s EU colorway is open to all in the US who think they are cool enough…

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