Vans x Supreme x Malcom Mclaren

pepcid chewable cialis and aren’t strangers for doing collaborations together. With this new collaboration, Vans and Supreme bring in Malcom Mclaren to do a job on some V-79s. Mclaren is known for his work by forming and managing the Sex Pistols. He also worked with major designers and ran a solo music career. This time around, he is doing a set of clothes, a hat and some Vans for Supreme. The V-79s that Mclaren designed come in a pink, a yellow and an orange colorway. All feature special insoles featuring Mclaren’s album “Duck Rock” artwork. The tongue also features some touches by Mclaren and Mclaren’s name on the inner tongue. These will be available Thursday, May 21st via Supreme stores and on their website.

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