2009 AnmlHse Campaign Ad’s

AnmlHse is back at it again with their campaign ads which were a big hit last summer. The campaign gives everyone a chance to be “Anml’ized” by the AnmlHse crew. All you have to do is get them your Name, E-mail, Facebook/Myspace URL and a picture of you. Go to the the ANMLHSE site and leave a comment with these details and you should be good to go.

I’m going to get one and I want them to “Anmlize” me into a Grown Simba (yeah I know, Simba from Lion King and also Grown Simba like J. Cole says). Check out the campaign ads in this post and make sure you visit Anmlhse.com.

Check out the AnmlHse MYSPACE & FACEBOOK for previous campaigns and future updates.



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