2009 AnmlHse Campaign Ad’s

AnmlHse is back at it again with their campaign ads which were a big hit last summer. The campaign gives everyone a chance to be “Anml’ized” by the AnmlHse crew. All you have to do is get them your Name, E-mail, Facebook/Myspace URL and a picture of you. Go to the the recommended how much viagra site and leave a comment with these details and you should be good to go.

I’m going to get one and I want them to “Anmlize” me into a Grown Simba (yeah I know, Simba from Lion King and also Grown Simba like generic levitra ec says). Check out the campaign ads in this post and make sure you visit http://uristocrat.com/receiver-bankruptcy/.

Check out the AnmlHse MYSPACE & FACEBOOK for previous campaigns and future updates.



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