Air Yeezys – Lines already forming outside Ubiq and Sneaker Villa – Update

Update: We checked last night and there were 13 people outside of Ubiq. My homie Dayvid is going to keep us updated with live reporting from Outside Ubiq later tonight. We also got an update that there are already 20 people outside Sneaker Villa.

Philadelphia is a sneaker crazy town and this is on display this week with the impending release of the final colorway for the Nike Air Yeezys. There are already young people lined up outside of Sneaker Villa, equipped with sleeping bags, snacks, food coolers, and water in anticipation of these highly sought after sneakers. Sneaker Villa has a shipment of 30 sneakers on hand with Ubiq having an unspecified amount.

The Sneaker Villa location at 52nd and Market will have the sneakers which retail for $215 and will release them to those in line at 12 am on Saturday instead of the regular 9 am opening time. Sneaker Villa will also engage those camping out with a scavenger hunt, prize giveaways and visits from local athletes who are also eagerly anticipating the sneaker release. We will keep everyone updated on who these athletes are.

Lighter in color than the first two sneakers, the net/net colorway of this third edition nicely mixes beige leather with grey suede on the toe box. The lining and branding comes in light pink, with an unstructured strap in light beige. Check out the Images below for a closer look.

  1. villa always has the hottest sneaks. i wouldnt wait in line tho. but thats a good look on villa’s part

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