Eighty’s Baby Apparel | Jordan Fetus

EBA | Jordan Fetus

EBA | Jordan Fetus

Here’s are some new pieces from the http://uristocrat.com/cialis-in-canada-canadian-pharmacy/ Summer 2009 collection that should surely catch the eye of some of you sneaker heads, the Jordan Fetus. We all know that being a true sneaker head is not something trendy that comes and goes, its engrained in you, so whos to say its not engrained at birth. It only makes Nas’ line on Halftime that much more true.

“I drop jewels, wear jewels, hope to never run it,With more kicks than a baby in a mother’s stomach”

The shirts comes in two colorways White/Red and Heather Grey/Yellow. They are available in the EBA Online store which is wayne newton files bankruptcy

More pics below

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