Interview with Marshall Anthony’s D. Mays


Q. What do you do for a living, and what is your role/position for Marshall Anthony Bow Ties?

I’m an entrepreneur in every aspect of the title. With regard to Marshall Anthony, I handle every aspect of the brand… from design to creation, marketing and accounting etc. I do everything from creating the unique patterns and designs to hand sewing the adjustable clips. I even process orders and keep the books.

Q. How would you describe your fashion sense and what are your most prized articles of clothing (shoes, jeans, hats, etc.)?

I would describe my fashion sense as identifying the “greatest” and not the “latest”. I treat any particular garment as an investment, as anyone should, after all your image is priceless. I look for things I can keep for while, rather have to retire items based off wear and not style. I also try not to get type cast into any one genre of fashion or style of dress. I like variety, classic variety. My most prized articles would have to be my footwear collection. I tend to get carried away when shopping for kicks.

D. Mays Marshall Anthony
Q. What was the impetus for the creation of Marshall Anthony and how was it created?

Marshall Anthony was created out of pure necessity. In terms of bow ties, they were under represented in my personal tie collection and I had a terrible time finding ones worth adding to it, let alone the ridiculous price tags. So I took the “learning to fish” approach. The Bow Tie is currently the Marshall Anthony niche. A unique and superior quality custom product, at an affordable price.

Q. What audience do you think your brand will resonate the most with?

Marshall Anthony is timeless, and it will resonate most with any individual with the desire to stand out, fit in, step up, throw down or show out, fashionably speaking… for the red carpet, or a blue moon. It’s sophisticated style, and redefined elegance.

Q. How do you plan on getting Marshall Anthony out to this audience?

I plan to make superior quality merchandise that’s value is transparent. The best marketing is word of mouth. I really don’t have any fancy marketing techniques or gimmicks. I just plan to present Marshall Anthony in a way that I could imagine would fit customers’ lifestyles, I want you to see yourself.

Q. What are your goals for Marshall Anthony in 6 months, 18 months, and 5 years?

In 6 months Marshall Anthony will be in over a dozen clothing stores and boutiques in the tri-state area. The Marshall Anthony website, ( will be the central hub that gives people access to Marshall Anthony products across the country.

In 18 months Marshall Anthony will be a well established brand, noted for specializing is custom neckware and accessories, and will be generating credit for its other merchandise (I chose not to disclose at this time).

In 5 years….. Marshall Anthony will be one of fastest growing, and well respected clothing brands. Noted for modern designs, and timeless fashions.

Q. What separates your custom bow ties from those of competitors?

Marshall Anthony ties are handmade. You’re going to be hard pressed to find that anywhere. The designs are custom and extremely limited, providing customers exclusivity. The neckware is not gender specific, we offer stunning womens neckware also. The combination makes for a collection suitable for royalty but at a moderate price. That’s an offer you absolutely cannot refuse!

Q. Do you have any newsfor the public concerning expansion/collaborations and/or upcoming projects?

The fully interactive online store will be open soon for you enjoyment, with tons of merchandise to fit your fancy. We will be offering custom handmade neckware, specificall bow ties, ascots, neckties, pocket squares and other accessories. I invite you to indulge.

Please do not feel limited to what you see, we take custom orders and can design and craft a bow tie to your specifications. There are not any limits, only imagination.

Be on the look out for our neckware in stores near you, we can keep you updated on the expansion of our products into stores, kindly send an email to to join the email list to receive these updates.

In closing, Marshall Anthony is dedicated to the customer’s needs and the design and craftsmanship of the merchandise. We have something for everyone, everyone. I invite to experience what we have to offer, moreover I would like for you to keep and eye out and watch our growth as we define our brand. Marshall Anthony, Sophisticated Style.. Redefined Elegance.

Stay Blessed,

D. Mays

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