Iron Heart 5th Anniversary Jean 23oz Denim

iron heart 5th anniversary denim 23oz 1 Iron Heart 5th Anniversary Jean 23oz Denim

Known throughout the denim world for their ultra heavyweight denim, Iron Heart has outdone itself in the release of their 5th anniversary 23oz denim. This epic denim takes to the table not only increased weight but also yielding higher-contrast fades. Over 20 sample runs were required to create the unsanforized (first for Iron Heart) sheet-metal-esque denim. The denim comes in at 21oz but “once soaked the true indigo color really comes out and the post-soak weight of the denim becomes approximately 23.5oz, easily the heaviest fabric they’ve done.” The denim is limited to 400 pairs worldwide and will drop at“> on Thursday, June 18th.

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