Kaws Chum 2009 @ House of Campari

kaws-campari-540x360 Kaws Chum 2009 @ House of Campari

Brooklyn based artist Kaws recently participated in a group exhibition called First Look: An Exhibition of Emerging Artists From Los Angeles Galleries presented by House of Campari. Curated by Simon Watson and Craig Hensala of Scenic, the show featured fiberglass Chum characters measuring 90 x 54 x 30 inches. According to Campari there were a series of 6 unique colors. Here have a look at the yellow, and (although it could just be our monitors playing tricks on us) what appears to be a fluorescent green version of Kaws’ iconic Chum. This is definitely an exciting sculpture, and we hope to see all 6 colors soon.

More from the Kaws Chum 2009 @ House of Campari after the jump.

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