Pr3tty Vacant Friends and Family All Access Sale

Hey guys, I am going to let you in on a secret… Tonight is Pr3tty Vacant’s Friend and Family sale. For friends and family only and since anyone who visits Uristocrat is my friend, I’ll let you in on the secret.

There will be music and drinks and the items on sale including Hellz Bellz, 10Deep, Futura Labs, and more.

If you haven’t ever heard of Pr3tty Vacant then you are missing out. Its a store on South Street focused on stocking streetwear Items that are popular today but at a reasonable price. I had a great conversation with them a couple of weeks ago on their business model and how they aim to differentiate themselves from all other stores out there. The premise behind Pr3tty Vacant is that they believe in sustainable retail. They will move from location to location to make sure that different audiences have a chance to purchase their items. Anyway, Check out the event tonight, I’ll be there, DJ Phish will be djing, 215mag will be in the building so yeah, just come out and have fun.