QWSTION x Drumpoet Community DJ Pack

qwstion-dj-bag-540x424 QWSTION x Drumpoet Community DJ Pack

QWSTION got together with the Drumpoet Community to produce the perfect DJ Pack. The backpack holds 50 12“ records, a CD case with a capacity for 160 CDs, a laptop bag and a headphone-bag. The backpack is designed by QWSTION with inputs from the Drumpoet DJs and the result convinces with high quality materials and a luxury trekking comfort which is trademarking for any QWSTION bag. The first limited edition of 250 backpacks includes the forthcoming Drumpoet Labelcompilation entitled „Drumpoems Verse 2“ with exclusive Tracks and special edits by artists such as Manuel Tur & DPlay, Kawabata, Quarion, Agnes aka. Cavalier, The Lost Men, Langenberg, John Daly, Soultourist and many more.

when to take viagra for best results Berlin will be releasing the QWSTION DJ Pack on July 5th.

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