RCMP EP Release On Flamin’ Hotz

RCMP Promo Photo

“There was a time when there was a Cold War and AIDS didn’t exist yet. Music was different then. There was something more free and liberated about the music. We want to bring back the spirit of that time.”

RCMP, a boogiedisco duo, is releasing their first EP on Philly based Flamin’ Hotz Records. The self-titled EP was birthed from a collaboration between DJ Apt One, one half of the Philly based DJ duo Philadelphyinz, and Pittsburgh DJ and producer Relative Q. The collaboration started in the Spring of 2008 when Apt One joined Q to assemble several remixes. Their similar musical tastes led to studio experimentation, which led to the recording of Mustache Love, a grandiose reworking of classic disco sensibilities. The success of Mustache Love led to the creation of the RCMP EP.

RCMP is already receiving praise from major players in the DJ community. Cosmo Baker, Member of DJ trio The Rub and Philadelphia Favorite, calls them, “that ultra next step of authentic dance shit. No contrived business here – these dudes are tapped into the boogie groove for real. This is dance floor murder at its finest.” Discobelle, the ‘make you or break you’ music blog of the DJ community, calls the EP, “Boogiedisco that’s got flavours of everything from Ibiza bigrooms, African conga rhythms and Kraftwerk synths and vocoders. Dancefloor mania for sure.”

Metropolis RCMP Release Flyer

The EP drops on Thursday, June 18th. That night RCMP is taking over Metropolis, the Hurrah VS. Robotique VS. Philadelphyinz monthly at The Barbary, for their EP release party. The music video for Ibiza, PA, their first single, will also be premiering. With no cover and free PBR from 10-12 RCMP will make sure your night is taken care of.

Here is a little taste until then RCMP- Ibiza, PA

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