The Awesomeness that Is SuperDope!

On any given Wednesday, you can find me at Superdope, sulking in a corner, nursing a Heineken and watching the coolest people in Philly have all the fun. If you haven’t been to Superdope party then stop missing out!

What is Superdope? Its only the greatest party on Wednesday nights brought to you by DJ PHSH & Vanache and Hosted by FAME ONE & tU pHAce. Of course you have to be 21 to get in but it happens every wednesday at O.N.E @ Rittenhouse, 19th & Sansom st.

And there is no Cover…

Check out does bankruptcy stop wage garnishment in the meantime and If you see me on Wednesday, say hi, I wont bite..
Oh.. and If you are into RSVPing on Facebook then do so ordering cialis in us..