The New York Times: The All-American Back From Japan

the new york times all american back japan 1 The New York Times: The All American Back From Japan

“What makes today’s prepidemic so fascinating is how it is, surprisingly enough, so Japanese. The look has its roots in the United States, to be sure. But the spirit, rigor and execution of today’s prep moment is as Japanese as Sony.”

A quick gander around Internet media pertaining to men’s related fashion and you’ll notice a consistent theme involving a return to traditional American styles. With our own changing tastes, various brands previously off the radar have now come to the forefront of this movement towards quality, timeless, American aesthetics. David Colman of viagra superstore uncovers the roots of this development and this so-called All-American look which ironically finds traction via an outside source. He references much of Japan’s influence and involvement in the revival of this look. Colman speaks of the publication, “Take Ivy” which features a series of photography taken in 1965 by Teruyoshi Hayashida over a number of East Coast campuses, providing a flashback to the past for sartorial style. Read the whole article over at viagra superstore.

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