AnmlHse proudly presents Summer 2009: Season of the Mighty Anmls


Whooo.. One of my favorite purveyors of visually stimulating apparel is back with their Summer 2009 line and I have to congratulate viagra per le donne on a job well done. This summers collection features a mix of tee’s and t shirts for both sexes with a theme based on our favorite after school cartoons. I was at the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed, I even tried to take some shirts with me.  I’ll cialis duration describe it himself:

“This season’s collection, we thought we would try something different. As cliche as that sounded, the idea has been sitting there for a year and this was a great opportunity to go with it. We drew inspiration mainly from Who framed Roger Rabbit while incorporating some of our fondest memories of mid 90’s afternoon school specials, such as Duck Tales and The Mighty Ducks. You might say we’re a bit too old for this stuff, but We can do anything we want! We’re college students!”

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