Cone Mills x Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1915 “Homer” 501xx Denim

cone mills levis vintage clothing 19150homer 501xx denim 1 Cone Mills x Levis Vintage Clothing 1915 Homer 501xx Denim

Beginning as the official supplier of denim to Levi Straus & Co. back in 1915, Levi’s Vintage Clothing revisit their iconic relationship with the the release of the Cone Mills x Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1915 501xx. The 501xx of the era which bases itself on an archival pair known as the “Homer” (name of the original owner) features lightweight 11oz denim, exposed rivets, cinch and suspender buttons as well as crotch riviets and single needle arcrutes. As a further tribute, the denim comes complete with a shoulder bag.

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