Fucked Up x Mishka “Eye Fucked Up New York” T-shirt

fucked up mishka eye fucked up new york tshirt Fucked Up x Mishka Eye Fucked Up New York T shirt

Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up’s lead singer Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham teams up with Mishka on the release of the “Eye Fucked Up New York” shirt which embodies a special relationship amongst the two parties and the city of New York. A spin on the ever-popular Milton Glasser “I Love New York” slogan, the t-shirt carefully exchanges the traditional elements for something more in-tune reflective of both entities. For Damian Abraham, New York was the place which he feels (arguably) pioneered punk as well as the location of their record label and a 12 hour show they performed in the past. The t-shirt will release initially at The Pool Parties’ on July 12th, and then in-store and online the following Monday.

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