LIVESTRONG x Futura x Nike Sportswear Dunk Hi “FLOM”

Introducing the LIVESTRONG x Futura x Nike Dunk Hi.

Only one name holds the same revered stature in the sneaker game as Mister Cartoon and that would be East Coast brethren, Futura. A long-term collaborative partner, NY’s Futura has worked with Nike on numerous occasions providing design innovation at every step. For LIVESTRONG, he updated his most desired shoe, the FLOM (aka For Love Or Money). Originally released by Nike SB and limited to only 24 pairs, the FLOM was gifted to friends leaving collectors yearning all over the world.

When asked why he wanted to be involved in the collection, Futura says, “The opportunity to contribute to what Lance is doing with LIVESTRONG is the primary motivation. It also marks the return of the FOR LOVE or MONEY . . . the FLOM has been re-minted.”

The LIVESTRONG x Futura x Nike Dunk Hi releases on Saturday, July 18th, 2009 with a retail price of $150. 100% of the proceeds go towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer research. See below for the exclusive retailers in the US.

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