Nike Sportswear LIVESTRONG Installation at Qubic

nike sportswear livestrong installation qubic 1 Nike Sportswear LIVESTRONG Installation at Qubic

Working on an ultra-short timeline, 4th offense dui and the Qubic crew were able to bang out a great installation on behalf of Nike Sportswear for their LIVESTRONG collection. In addition to showing the obvious products associated with the project, the installation also gave a chance to showcase other aspects of the project including the bicycle and Tour de France components due to Lance Armstrong’s involvement. A profile map of the gruelling how effective is cialis as well as a deconstructed yellow bike complete the installation. A cancer-survivor himself, Lance Armstrong has spent a large amount of his time raising funds for cancer awareness and research and with Nike Sportswear on-board, the two parties will see all proceeds from the sales of the collection benefit the file tax forms foundation.

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