Okay Alrite!

I wanted to take some time out to make everyone aware of Okay Alrite, a brand based out of Philadelphia that offers quality apparel and goods. I am really impressed by  their work ethic since Chris, the founder, started the brand without a lot of support but rather put in the hard work and toiled to make the brand happen. That is what impresses me the most when it comes to emerging brands. I appreciate those who work hard, who forgo sleep, who take chances but do it because they believe in what they want to accomplish. Anyway, the graphics and designs for Okay Alrite speak for themselves and the Summer 09 line is now available from the Okay Alrite online store. The clothing line is also available at christian tax help in Northern Liberties and california dui fees in Doylestown, PA. I definitely need to get an Okay Alrite shirt…

Okay Alrite is Available now at:

817A North 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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5 South Main Street
Doylestown, PA


Check out the Okay Alrite Site

Thanks to my homie Janel Abad over at Drop cents for putting me on to Okay Alrite


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