Print Liberation – C’est La Vie


For all the ladies out there, check out the Print Liberation C’est La Vie tank available now from Print Liberation at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Its a lovely american apparel tank and its also available in the Print Liberation online store for $24!

Whats Print Liberation? Read About their outfit below..

Here at Print Liberation, we think of ourselves as two guys running a sandwich shop. Everything that leaves our studio is printed and designed by us, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone. Fresh, delicious, and new.

We are from Dayton, Ohio (home of many earth-shattering innovations, including the A-frame ladder, the electric starter, the robot voice, and those little metal tabs on soda cans). We met back in ye olde days of 1993, brought together by our shared love of print, design, and culture. Print Liberation was born in 1999 while working at a screen printing shop in high school. We stayed after hours to print t-shirts and stickers, which we sold to impatient people waiting in lines at shows and parties.

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