PYT – reopens at 5 pm this evening…

Ok. That Image above should really say “open now” because PYT opens back up at 5 pm today. If you didnt go last weekend, then you really missed out because the burgers out there are really really really good. I had the TLC which is the acronym for the chicken burger and it had to be the best seasoned juiciest burger that I have ever had. And I am not the only person to say that. You can read the reviews below to find here more first hand accounts. Or you can just go to PYT tonight and find out for yourself.  PYT will open to the public at 5pm today and will be open 7 days a week. Their hours for this weekend are 5pm-2am Monday-Friday & Noon-2am Saturday & Sunday.

On Fries With That Shake…”Isn’t this a gorgeous burger? It tasted as good as it looked. It’s the PYT burger. I loved the presentation, it was like a work of hamburger art. The ingredients were fresh and the bacon was crispy. ”
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On Foodaphilia…”With a slew of burger joints opening during the first few months of summer, I sorta expected PYT’s burger to be just another pub burger. I was wrong. The PYT burger is a thing of beauty. The patty itself is not overwhelming in size, it’s just big enough to cover the bun and just thick enough to ensure the chef can cook it to customer order…With a location like they have and a menu that pleads with your inner glutton, PYT is sure to make a million dollars.”

On Unbreaded…”The TLC Burger, does indeed taste like chicken, because it is: lean chicken breasts are ground and formed into a patty. The consistency gives that perfect burger bite, with a peppery seasoning and unmistakably grilled chicken taste…The Calibunga Burger is a patty formed from white beans, basil, tomatoes and garlic held together by garlic bread crumbs. The refreshing departure from the typical black bean burger and fresh flavors impressed us”

On FidelGastro…”A Stone IPA and a coke spiked with cherry soda helped us wash down a simple cheddar burger (I haven’t tasted a burger cooked that perfectly since my honeymoon)… the onion rings were in my top 3. Sturdy after the initial bite (I hate it when the onion slips out), well seasoned, and well battered. A chewy and sweet success.”

On Burgatory…”if there is one thing legendary Philly party-promoter Tommy Up knows how to do it is get people talking and with his latest venture, the uber-hip restaurant/lounge P.Y.T., it is clear another thing Up can do really well is run a burger joint”

And over on Yelp, the reviews are pouring in. Bridget K. says…”I’ve had lots of grilled cheese in my life. But the grilled cheese at PYT is unbelievable. We shared our food around the table with comments like “am i really eating something this delicious?” or “oh my god this is the best food I’ve ever had” and the staff is great too! PYT is now my go to spot for some burgers and beers.”

Thanks for all the kind words. We are just getting started and we aim to please Philadelphia. We want to be your go to burger spot! Again, we open at 5pm today and we kick off our first happy hour with $2 full 16 ounce pints of Kenzinger & Miller High Life from 5-7. Come get familiar.

PYT is at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. For directions go to