“Love is Real Vol. 3 – Selections of Audible Love” by Afta-1 x Gas’d…


Its 3 something in the morning but its alright because I finally had some time to download the “Selections of Audible Love” compliation from Afta-1 x Gas’d. This takes me back to when I used to sit and listen to J’Dilla tracks right after he died. I like albums like these because I feel like I am hopeless romantic and albums like these transcend that reality whenever I listen to them (Goapeles last album did that as well). Check it out, its an amazing mixtape…

1. Cazeaux O.S.L.O – Conan Bout With Circumstance viagra canada no prescription cialis

2. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur – I Need You Close (pts. 1&2 edit) : http://uristocrat.com/bankruptcy-lawyers-nc/cialis ontario no prescription

3. J Dilla – Dimepiece (Instrumental) : The Shining Instrumentals (2006)

4. Self Scientific – Love Bird : Change (2005)

5. Boom Clap Bachelors – Tiden Flyver (edit) : myspace.com/bcbachelors

6. AFTA-1 – Tiden Flyver Remix : myspace.com/afta1

7. Jesse Boykins III – Pantyhose (Instrumental) : myspace.com/jesseboykinsiii

8. Platinum Pied Pipers – Stay With Me (Instrumental) : PPP Instrumentals (2008)

9. Nite Jewel – What Did He Say : myspace.com/nitejewel

10. Dam-Funk – Indigo : myspace.com/damfunk

11. J Davey – Hi Sun : myspace.com/jdavey

12. A Race Of Angels – We : myspace.com/araceofangels

13. Sa Ra – Downlow : myspace.com/saramusic

14. Op Swamp 81 – Another Day : myspace.com/opswamp81

15. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. – Wildo Cheese Wind : viagra canada no prescription cialis

16. Shuanise – Etoile (Produced by Fella Vaughn) : myspace.com/shuanisemyspace.com/fellavaughn

17. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur – U & Endeavour :http://uristocrat.com/bankruptcy-lawyers-nc/cialis ontario no prescription

18. Alpha – Nyquil : Come From Heaven (1997)

19. Steve Spacek – Hidden Track : Space Shift (2006)

20. AFTA-1 – Love Suite 2 (Sit Still) : GAS’D EXCLUSIVE myspace.com/afta1

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