The Bikes of Stages – Trek Madone: Damien Hirst

damien hirst trek bikes stages 1 The Bikes of Stages   Trek Madone: Damien Hirst

Undoubtedly the biggest cross-medium art event of the year, Lance Armstrong’s legal to oeder viagra into uk has been an all-around awesome project unfiying the theme of art through various different platforms including apparel and footwear with Nike Sportswear as well as bikes with Trek. In review of “The Bikes of Stages”, the latest unveiling features the Trek Madone: Damien Hirst. A pop artist that requires little introduction, Britain’s Damien Hirst has seen his work reach exorbitant prices with themes including preserved animals and his iconic “Spin” style. Hirst’s own words regarding the bike included:

“Lance is an inspiration to many people on many levels. Bono first approached me about the bike and described Lance to me as ‘the greatest sportsman the world has ever known after Ali!’ It was a great opportunity to work with someone I admire and create the bike — something I’ve never done before. The technical problems were immense, as I wanted to use real butterflies and not just pictures of butterflies, because I wanted it to shimmer when the light catches it like only real butterflies do, and we were trying not to add any extra weight to the bike. Doing something crazy like this is ultimately about transportation and not simply transport, and what Lance does when he rides it is the same thing. I think Lance loves it!”

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