Who is Ricky Parker? We find out…


Thurston: Your site is titled “WhoisRickyParker.com”, can you please describe yourself in 7 words or less?

Ricky Parker: Sex.Love&Kool-Aid.

Thurston: How do you define your fashion sense, and what are your most prized prized articles of clothing (shoes, jeans, hats, etc.)?

Ricky Parker: My fashion sense is a combination of simple pieces mixed with versatility but never conformed by trends. My prized article of clothing is a Hugo Boss Black Jam/Sharp Two Button Suit.

T: You are currently the Director of Marketing & Promotions for Studio43, a boutique record label founded by former Rocafella RecordsVP Kenny Burns… What your outlook for the future of the record label?

RP: Studio43 is to DC what Deathrow is to LA what Rap-A-Lot is to Houston. It is a staple for music in the Washington, DC area and has had the ability of propelling the careers of artists such as Wale, Marky, and XO. The future of Studio43 consists of continuing to spearhead the DMV (DC and surrounding areas of MD and VA) Music Movement as well as setting the bar musically not only in the Nation’s Capital but around the world.

T: Can you elaborate on the role you play for Studio43 and how you attempt to distance Studio43’s artists and production from the rest of the pack with your individual marketing style?

RP: I coordinate all promotions & marketing items for artists and projects on Studio43. My marketing style is unique, but it is a combination of dedication and passion to deliver music to the world that undeniably needs to be heard.

T: How do you see the DC-based street wear company DURKL (viagra pill for ladies) growing in the next 5 years? How do you see the brand maturing?

RP: In the next 5 years I see Durkl as being a streetwear brand known for innovating art and culture around the world through their detailed and creative pieces that promote individuality. Individuality in the words of the good people at Durkl can be described as “Live and let live.” (In layman’s terms “Do you!”)

T: How did you become Brand Ambassador for DURKL and what does this position entail on a daily basis?

RP:The relationship between Durkl and I is something that started out as a common respect and has grown into a partnership where we both support and encourage one another’s growth and prosperity. My daily duties consist of promoting awareness of the brand in any and every way possible (i.e., events, product placement, etc.).

T: Your work for Studio43, DURKL, as well as an active host for parties and concert series in the DC area is impressive. What is your ultimate professional goal, and where do you see your involvement in a multitude of urban entertainment avenues taking you?

RP:My ultimate professional goal is to further develop myself as a brand scientologist who plays an influential role in the entertainment industry as well as corporate America.

T: What do you believe is DC’s position as a locale for fashion, music, and growth for young entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry?

RP:DC is growing day by day as an entity in the entertainment industry.  So as DC grows the opportunities for young entrepreneurs will grow as well.

T: What do you believe to be the most impressive, yet unheralded, characteristic of the DC fashion scene?

RP:The most impressive characteristic of the DC fashion scene are the several independent, streetwear clothing brands that exist, such as Madness, Shooters, We R One and Solbiato (just to name a few), that have cultivated DC lifestyle through self-expression.


T: Feel free to sound off to the public about any of the Brands/companies you represent in the best light, with consideration given to why they MATTER in the currently muddled, and ultra-competitive atmosphere:
•       Studio43 is more than a record label, because it’s a lifestyle! http://uristocrat.com/category/videos-2/page/212/
•       The Kenny Burns Show is part Saturday Night Live, part Entertainment Tonight and part Arsenio Hall Show. The show features the lights, camera, action style that has been synonymous with Kenny’s personality and career to date. buy viagra montreal
•       Durkl is the future of style, culture & diversity! http://durkl.com
•       Soho @ Eyebar (1716 Eye Street NW DC) is the best party in DC on Tuesday nights… Hands down!

Interview by Thurston Hamlette



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