Nike Sportswear x Loopwheeler 2009 Holiday Collection

nike sportswear loopwheeler 2009 holiday 1 Nike Sportswear x Loopwheeler 2009 Holiday Collection

Forged through a shared passion for innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, and authentic, high-quality fleece, the partnership between Nike Sportswear’s NSW Collection and Japan’s Loopwheeler continues with a series of products in premium loopback French terry fleece.

The fleece used for all NSW Loopwheeler products—is knitted on the brand’s rotating looms through a process that holds its heritage as close as Nike holds its own. The yarn on the loopwheel never comes under tension, resulting in a relaxed fabric that is supremely soft. Under the watchful eye of Loopwheeler’s craftsmen, a mere handful of Loopwheeler fleece garments can be made from the material produced each day. After the fleece is hand-cut and flat-lock stitched to insure comfort and durability, the results are nearly impossible to match.

A marriage of obsessions, the relationship between Nike and Loopwheeler stands for supreme quality and meticulous craftsmanship. Working closely with Loopwheeler, one of the only manufacturers in the world that still makes cotton fabric on original loopwheel machines, Nike has crafted iconic Nike Sportswear products that are practically handmade. Created though an incredibly detailed process, the NSW Loopwheeler collection is extremely limited in quantity and unsurpassed in quality.

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