Sneaker Rant: Air Jordan 3 True Blue – Not Available in the US!

Air Jordan 3 True Blue

Where do I start? Who ever said patience is a virtue was wrong when it comes to Jordan collectors. From my last article written earlier this year: Sneaker Rant: Air Jordans – Rest In Peace (R.I.P) ?, it is quite evident that most Air Jordan collectors are “Waiting for Retros ONLY…” (84%, 1,696 Votes).

A few months back, we receive the greatest news we’ve heard this year: the unveiling of the Air Jordan 3 True Blue comeback! Initially, everyone knew they were an international release but we all had our fingers crossed and were almost certain that they would make their way into the states. Unfortunately, that is NOT happening. What is going on with Air Jordan Brand? Last time I checked, this is where it all started… Michael Jordan, the Championships, the history, the legacy… Why are we the ones that are left out?

We are left to the mercy of our international connects who probably won’t even come through! Ebay prices are extremely inflated already ($300+)… Am I the only one that is just a LITTLE bit ticked off about this? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am beyond ecstatic about the Space Jams and the Flu Game 12’s (although not happy about the Nubuck).

The Tinker Hatfield designed Air Jordan 3’s are monumental to the Air Jordan history and are probably the most sought after Jordan’s after the Air Jordan 11’s. It’s very saddening that most of us are going to miss out on one of the greatest releases from the Air Jordan camp this year. By the way, we are giving out a free pair! More info: Free Air Jordan 3 True Blue (Giveaway)

PS: (You guys might agree with me here.) Next time some genius at Jordan Brand wants to make something an International release that won’t be available in the states, please make it an Air Jordan Fusion! Prehaps these: Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Fusion – White / Black – Varsity Red

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Pictures provided via Canada’s Livestock