Upper Playground Presents :SHINGANIST: designed by Usugrow

4520Upper Playground is pleased to announce a new sub-brand designed by Japanese artist, Usugrow, called :SHINGANIST:. The origin of the word :SHINGANIST: is the Japanese word “Shingan,” (meaning mind’s eye), “the line represents those people who create by seeing things in their mind’s eye, and are not bothered or influenced by things around them.” Inspired by underground Japanese lifestyle, :SHINGANIST: will feature the art of Usugrow, as well as, guest artists including Mozyskey, Toshikazu Nozaka, Bene and Jun Kaneko. This line is meant to introduce a new generation of Japanese artists to the world and Usugrow has already been involved in culture since he has had his own line in Japan for twelve years.

The launch of the line comes along with the release of the book, :SHINGANIST:, and the re-release of Love Hate From JP. :SHINGANIST: features Usugrow’s art, as well as the art of Mozyskey, Toshikazu Nozaka, Bene and Jun Kaneko. Love Hate From JP sold out and has been re-printed in time for the :SHINGANIST: apparel launch. The second printing features a heavier-weight of paper with a slightly glossy finish that makes the images pop off of the page.

:SHINGANIST: consists mainly of tee shirts and sweatshirts is available at Upper Playground stores and on the consumer credit counseling for bankruptcy.