Air Jordan 1 “Leroy Smith”
I gave a preview of these sneakers two weeks ago and now they are available. These sneakers are from Leroy Smith, the man who claimed to motivate Michael Jordan and the founder of He is a very inspirational figure and if not then you have to at least admit that he hilarious. The sneaker itself features different materials inspired from Leroy Smith’s daily attire. It features a black leather sole with gold stitching, purple highlighting, red/gold accents and Leroy Smith on the tongue. Retailing for $135 USD, the “Leroy Smith” Air Jordan 1 is now on sale via new jersey home loans.

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  1. Mike Shaw

    Hi I am from where can i contact you guys? can you send me your email id on, so that i can send you upcoming product photos to put it up on your blog.

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