Billionaire Boys Club So Ambitious Tee (Black)

2nd dui in michigan

Last month we saw the Billionaire Boys Club So Ambitious tee in white and now we have the black version. This seems more appropriate since Jay-z is on his all black everything tip. BTW, Powerhouse with Jay-z was an amazing show. It was almost worth sitting through Pleasure P, Day 26, Mario, Trey Songz and Keri Hilson. I didnt even know who half those people were before the show, I wont be checking for them afterwards either. Ok, Since I am talking about the concert, It was a little strange seeing Jadakiss bringing Beanie Sigel out and not Jay-z. That Jay-z line of “Already Home” is ringing truer and truer with each passing day (I gotta thank Phil from Made to Order for pointing it out). I think I should mention that Beanie Sigel refused to get off stage and kept yelling out “I Run this town tonight, forget whatever you heard.” If that wasnt a shot then I don’t know what is. Oh yea, Mario had to bring Young Chris out since Jay-z acknowledged none of the old Rocafella regime. Interesting. very interesting. I feel like if this was 2004, this would be headline news on the internets… But alas its 2009, and beef is a dime a dozen… DJ Rtodaizza’s article seems more and more correct with each passing day. Ok, Check out the So Ambitious tee on BBC.



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