Jamel Shabazz x Sedgwick & Cedar


Photographer men using cialis (Back In The Days, A Time Before Crack) and t-shirt label Sedgwick & Cedar have decided to create a range of tee shirts taht pays homage to the history of Hip hop. The shirts feature photos of the old school that were taken by Shabazz until 2000. These tee shirts are now available  here.

Sedgwick & Cedar, Heritage Brand of Hip-Hop Culture, today launched a design collabo featuring the rare photos of critically acclaimed New York photographer Jamel Shabazz. Sedgwick & Cedar will offer this unique collection online and at premier specialty shops in the US, Europe and Asia, proudly celebrating the Brooklyn photographer’s timeless imagery. Shabazz’s master works, “Back In the Days and Time Before Crack” can be seen gracing the front and back of these limited edition S&C tees. Koe Rodriguez, manager of Jamel Shabazz licensing, who struck the alliance with Sedgwick & Cedar Co., stated, “Jamel personally selected each image and was involved in the entire development process, even lending his official signature to every S&C design. The collection represents true art and fashion at its best.”

The Shabazz collection will be available for the holiday season and supply will be limited. Ray Riccio, CEO added “Jamel wanted to keep this collabo limited and special and we could not agree more with him. These will be Classics that will look fly today, next year or anytime you pull them out of your closet. However, once these designs are gone, we will move forward to our next limited photo collaboration featuring the legendary works of photographer Joe Conzo. So, if you are a fan of Jamel Shabazz and true Hip-Hop culture, we suggest getting these designs while they are available

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  1. MD

    S&C that’s whats up!

    Keep representing that true hip hop culture.

    These designs are fire!!!


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