Kanye’s Pastelle Line Cancelled


So Yeah, Kanye West’s Pastelle Line has actually been cancelled. So no effect buy viagra from a while back that were never supposed to see the light of day. Maybe the cialis baby from earlier will revive Pastelle?

Source: SwaggerDap

  1. KrimsonKing

    I am kinda disappointed in this. It was just bad timing all together. I don’t blame Kanye though. It was clearly the recession that wrecked havoc on the feasibility of this project.

    Hopefully in a couple of years we will see Kanye and Andre 3000’s clothing lines in full effect.

  2. Snoopy

    Im dissapointed because the samples and pieces seen in the lookbooks/MAGIC/blogs were dope…the people he had rumored working with him on the line like Kim Jones (works with many; probably most known for Umbro), Taz Arnold (revived MCM; also fashion genius) would have done wonders…but I heard the line got cancelled not cause of the VMA fiasco…or because of the “recession”…but because he wanted to go back and learn more about the business from design to pattern making because he wants to be taken serious in the industry….

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