Mike Posner “One Foot Out The Door” Episode 2

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In the second episode of Mike Posner’s web series “One Foot Out The Door”, Mike heads back to his second week at Duke University just in time to share the stage with Wale and his band after rocking a party at Emory the day before. Before he can even unpack, Mike hits the road with 10 of his closest friends from Duke and heads to a massive outdoor party at Virginia Tech, joined by his partner-in-crime, superproducer Benny Blanco. Watch as Mike and Benny rock for hundreds of VTech students before the police shut the party down, and then make a speedy escape that includes an impromptu game of trashketball.

Tune in every two weeks as Mike deals with the pressures of finishing college about going back to college with a record deal, what his life will be post-graduation and his upcoming packed itinerary. Tune in October 28th for Episode 3 which will correspond with the release of his second mixtape, “One Foot Out The Door” on October 29th, presented by Clinton Sparks, DJ Benzi and LRG.

Directed/Edited by Justin Hantz
Produced by Mike Posner and Daniel Weisman