Mister Freedom 1ST GEAR Clothing: Speed-Safe Clothing for Modern Riders

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Mister Freedom’s Fall 2009 collection is inspired by 1930’s to 1960’s motorcycle gear.

With the “Speed-Safe Clothing for Modern Riders” collection Mister Freedom delves deep into the vaults of lost designs and modifies them to today’s needs of riders and non-riders of two wheeled motorized vehicles. Fully functional in every way and designed beyond what you’d expect from a small line made in Japan by those obsessed with the years past of garment manufacturing. Every piece is manufactured by Toyo Enterprises (Sugar Cane) with the utmost attention to detail, just as you’d expect from anything produced by Toyo and overseen by Mister Freedom himself, Christophe Loiron.

This falls collection consists of four pieces including Riders Dungarees, a mechanics shirt, a mechanics sweatshirt and a denims riders cap. The Riders dungarees is made of left hand twill denim while the mechanics shirt is made of indigo salt & pepper fabric similar to that of chambray. The Mechanics sweatshirt is available in three colors.

All these items are now available at Self Edge San Francisco, Self Edge New York, and in their http://uristocrat.com/viagra-cialis-preco/. The Denim Rider’s Cap is only available at Self Edge San Francisco.
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