PHZ-Sicks – Less Than Zero Mixtape

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Today, we are excited to have the latest release from PHZ-Sicks and its the Less Than Zeromixtape. This project is sponsored by cats viagra & 9ine.4our.3hree Clothing. With the release of his last project “The Feature Presentation” in Dec 2008 with over 3200 downloads and still counting, the audience was ready to hear more from the lyrical rapper hailing from No.VA.

The story behind Less Than Zero is the following of “Kristofer Williams” as he goes through the ups and downs of life, envy, the music industry, and relationships. Each skit and song weaves through the story until he reaches his revelation and where he’s going in life. When PHZ-Sicks is asked what his thought process was behind his new project he states “I wanted to do something different than just the regular mixtape. I wanted to put the listener in the story so they could relate to what’s going on in the mixtape and vibe with me. I believe that music speaks volumes and with this, you’ll just have to turn the volume up.”

When listening to Less Than Zero you can hear the progression with the story and it’s a mixtape you can listen to from beginning to end because the story is informative, but at the same time very entertaining. One track that stands out on its own is “Make Em Envy” which features SRC/Universal Records recording artist Marky & “Mr. Powder 4 Da Babies” himself KingPen Slim. The track was recently featured on and has since received rave reviews. Other features on Less Than Zero are Megan D, Lyriciss, Lady A, Young Scolla & Seanny Greggs.

PHZ-Sicks – Less Than Zero: