Triumvir Autumn & Winter 09 Collection “Blind Faith” and Special Discount Code

dui tempe
Mixing its strong influences of history that have accented past collections with a variety of films and animated features, created a post-apocalyptic world where the old fuses with the new. Entitled, Blind Faith, the autumn collection references the Roman Civil Wars era of Constantine the Great, who adorned, for reasons disputed by scholars, symbols of Christ (Chi-Roh or Labarum) upon his warriors’ shields, standards, and later his own helmet. Fictional works referenced by Triumvir, including Fist of the North Star and Mad Max, are set during times of chaos and anarchy where law and order are subjective and the cruel reign over the weak. This sets ground for the winter collection, Hell is for Heroes, which also focuses on the Knights Hospitallers– a Christian military order during the time of the Crusades. Through clothes designed for the protagonist (Blind Faith) and the antagonist (Hell is For Heroes,) Triumvir tells an epic tale of two male characters, who live in an abstract world that is a blend of all these elements.

• Triumvir’s autumn collection, Blind Faith will drop Friday, October 16th and the winter’s collection, Hell is for Heroes drops on Friday, November 13th.
• Orders of $75 or more will receive the Triumvir Maltese Beanie offered us a special code to get 10% of the new collection. Enter urist030 at checkout for this special introductory offer.