UNDRCRWN Fall 2009

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Fall is well underway & UNDRCRWN is here to light up your wardrobe. Included in the FW09 mix are pieces heavily rooted in music, lifestyle and  sports heritage. The eye-catching colorways are by far one of the most intriguing elements this season. The collection, which consists mainly of pull-over hoodies and crew neck sweaters is also complimented by a small run of printed tees. Shirts like “Run & Gun” and “Pick & Roll” are each heavily influenced by basketball while “Lords Of The UNDRCRWN” and “Ashy 2 Classy” subtly tie back to hip-hop. Other more apparent basketball related themes are found in the “I Love The Old NY,” “Astro Dunk” and “UNI TEE” t-shirts.

Once again, UNDRCRWN is blending style and comfort in a way that allows them to co-exist harmoniously.

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