UrStyle. Edition 1 Featuring Dizzy


(Hat- Commonwealth x New Era, Jacket- Original Fake, Jeans- A.P.C., Shoes- Nike SB “Flash” Dunk)

UrStyle will be a weekly showcase of fashion and style. From preppy to skate, high end to street, futuristic to vintage, we will always find someone who stands out to shine the spotlight on. With that said, let us know how you feel about Dizzy’s style and UrStyle. Remember that URISTOCRAT is everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

Al (Uristocrat.com): Whats your name?

Dizzy (generic viagra reports)

Al (Uristocrat.com): And Where are you from?

Dizzy: D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, & Virginia) Area

Al (Uristocrat.com): Do you think that being from the D.M.V affects the way you dress?

Dizzy: Not really, because I don’t believe in regional style.

Al: So if it’s not where your from, then what or who influences UrStyle?

Dizzy: It’s just been the culture over the years; I’ve just taken bits and pieces of it throughout.

Al: Do you have any favorite brands?

Dizzy: Polo, Original Fake, Nike, Supreme, and Visvim.

Al: Last question…How do you feel about the Philly fashion scene in comparison to other places you’ve been or in general?

Dizzy: People in Philly bring their own style from wherever there from. It’s a melting pot of styles from other cities and sub cities.

If you want to be showcased on UrStyle be sure to be at URISTOCRAT events.