Warrior Footwear now available at Made to Order

Warrior Footwear is an iconic brand that has seen its appeal grow with the passing of time. Originally developed in 1935 as a sporting shoe, Warriors intended to provide the public cheap access to athletics. At the time, without the industry presence of international footwear brands, Warrior dominated the Chinese market and became a lifestyle piece in its own right. Warrior was the shoe in China from the 70’s to 90’s. Everyone had a pair at home – – farmers, athletes, laborers, political leaders, and everyone in between. However, as China opened up to Western markets— accepting US mega-brands — Warriors’ status was relegated to that of the de facto shoe for laborers and elderly citizens.

Now Warriors is available in the US and one of our favorite stores, texas tax lien certificate, has them in stock. Check out the photos and make your way to 2nd street to get yourself a pair.

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