Boundless NY “Just Another Day in Brooklyn”

To commemorate their 3 Year Anniversary, brings a peek around their neighborhood of Willamsburg, Brooklyn.

We realize that a huge part of our loyal following have never been able to step foot inside Boundless. So we got the Usual Suspects together and shot a little video. Giving everyone that isn’t able to make it to the brick and mortar shop in Brooklyn a vibes check.

We start with a shot from the top of our building, giving you a look at Midtown and the Manhattan Skyline, continuing with our local kids heading toward Boundless down the Williamsburg Bridge.

The Williamsburg Bridge takes you from Delancey Street in Manhattan, to the Continental Army Plaza on Roebling Street in Brooklyn. Its the gateway to The County of Kings – and Boundless NY.

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FAX . 718.821.7881

Directed by Kellen Den