Nike Air Max 90 Pigeons

The pigeons were one of the most sought after sneakers a couple of months ago.  A fan took it upon himself to apply the Pigeon colorway to a pair of Air Max 90s.

A few months back, I posted a picture of a sneaker customizer who took a pair of Nike Air Max 90s and turned them into Pigeon’s. They were sick. Recently another fan hit me up and showed me what he made on Nike iD. In his words:
“What’s up dude? I saw your old post of some dude that custom made some AM90s in the Pigeon color way, pretty neat!. So I was messing around in NikeiD right, and I think I was able to accomplish a “pigeonesque” color way. Not exactly like how the first guy did it, but I was so curious that I had to buy them just to see how they came out and I think they came out pretty good. I used “Infrared” for the “orange/pink/salmon” accent. Just thought I’d share it with you. I just got them in today, and just needed to show someone haha. Keep up the inspirational work man! Happy Thanksgiving!”

Source: Staple