Celebrity UrStyle Edition 3 with The Clipse

Clipse at Penn

Back again for Edition 3 with another Celebrity UrStyle.  December is just turning into the most important month of the year(shameless plug to all December babies).  With that said…its only right that we have The Clipse (Re-UP Gang) this week, with their album dropping this month (Til The Casket Drops IN STORES NOW).  So we took a second to get a little insight on fashion and how they plan to change the game.  As a big fan of Play Cloths and The Clipse it was fate that decided to put them on UrStyle, I’m just a pawn.  So comment and let us know what you think about The Clipse style and the PLAY CLOTHS movement.  Always remember that URISTOCRAT is everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

AlSesay: Whats going on y’all, Where y’all From?
Al: Do you think that Virginia influences UrStyle?
PUSHA: Of course, of course cause Virginia is a melting pot of so many different styles, we get to see so much shit musically…fashion wise there is whole lot of shit going on.  Alot of people from different areas, so we get to mix and match shit all together.  Thats why we are the flyest….with our PLAY CLOTHS on.

Al: What sets your style apart?
MALICE: When it comes to PLAY CLOTHS what sets us apart is the fact that its not your rappers fashion.  You can put these clothes on and be yourself and be who your are, you dont have to be Pusha or Malice. You can put your own swag in it.

Al: So why do you feel like some brands last long?
PUSHA: Because of the way you have to grow these brands. Some people hop out there to quick for change, but they not passionate about it.

Al: Whats the mark you want to make in the fashion game?
PUSHA: We want to be known for having good quality clothing, and trend setting.  We want to bring some of that nostalgia back.
MALICE: And we want to be around.

Rtodaizza: So what was some of your favorite brands growing up?
MALICE: Polo definitely
PUSHA: Shit like you got on right there(to the Polo Bear DJ Rtodaizza was wearing), like my homeboys use to steal that shit.

If you want to be showcased on UrStyle be sure to be at URISTOCRAT events.  Also look out for PLAY CLOTHS Holiday release; which is in stores and online now (www.playcloths.com), and Malice’s Blog (www.maliceoftheclipse.com).